Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Chatting with Charity ~ 40

This morning I was planning to share something different with you when I read my daughter's post on Instagram. The second I read it, I knew I wanted to share it with you. I am a proud momma and do know how blessed I am to have a 16 year old who shares her heart for God so passionately. So here is
Chatting with Audrey
"Brothers do not slander one another."
James 4:11a
Words are a powerful tool that we have been given to us to use in sharing the good news or Christ and encouraging other people.
But a lot of times people use their words to tearing other people down.
The verse above is talking about slandering others around you and then goes on to talk about judging.
People using their words to talk badly of the people around them is not right and it does bother me. However lately it seams like every negative thing that comes out of someone's mouth is directed towards one person in particular. Themselves.
I am constantly hearing both girls and guys comparing themselves to others about how they wish they could be like so and so or how they hate their (fill in the blank). You are slandering yourself! You are calling out everything "bad" in your opinion about yourself and then calling the "good" out in everyone's else and comparing the two.
Is it just me, am I just hypersensitive towards this?
God has made you who you are and that is beautiful, valued, loved, and treasured. Stop tearing yourself down. Stop telling yourself that you don't look good. Stop telling yourself you are a failure. Just stop. Please can we all for one week quit with the negatives towards ourselves. Quit looking in the mirror forty times before leaving the house and saying " I would look better if I (fill in the blank)" quit saying " Wow if only I looked like him/her." Or "Ugh, if I had just not had ( fill in the blank) " you may not think you do it often but if you're honest with yourself you had things to fill in the blanks with.
Let's start calling out only the good. Because I promise you the things you think are bad are actually not, and there are a lot more good things than you can see for yourself.


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