Saturday, February 27, 2010


This is one ugly duckling, but it was free.  F-R-E-E that spells free, opps sorry I got off track.  Back to this poor ugly thing.  My parents have rental properties and someone left this poor thing behind, I can't imagine why.

I think these corners are beyond rustic. 

I don't know what happened to this, but it wasn't love, thats for sure.  But I have a plan and this little table is going to get all the love it has been missing.

My plans start with removing the doors

and the hardware.

Then I did some night time sanding,  I think the neighbors love me for this.

So I am going to let you lovelies in one one of my little secrets.  I mix my own paint colors and you can too.  To do todays color I used some left over Behr paint samples from when we where tring to find the right color for the kitchen.  I poured both tubs of samples into an old coffee container and then started adding craft paint until I came up with the color I was looking for.

I was trying to match the spray paint

I was happy with how close I got, it just takes a little trial and error but you too can do it, I promise.

Next is where things went a little crazy.  I had a great idea to Mod Podge some cute paper onto the inside.

Once I got the paper on I noticed how thin the paper was and as it dried it started to look like this.

The wood showed though and looked like mold, YUCK.  So I started stripping it down, it was a lot like stripping wallpaper.  Lucky for me I have had lots of experience stripping wallpaper.

Now, those are words I never though I would say.

Next, I added finals to the bottom to make it taller and a bit more feminine.

I spray painted the hardware and put it back on and this is the end product.

What a beautiful swan she has become, it's amazing what a little love can do.

By the way I painted the inside, after all the scrapping was over.

So have you love something back to life lately?

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snow Mountain

Last week was all about family time and was wonderful. Sweet Daddy had the week off and we had fun playing, one of the many things we did was to go to Snow Mountain ( Stone Mountain transformed into a snow play area with tubing).  It was a beautiful day, the temperature was in the mid 50's so no heavy coats where needed.

A close up of the carving on the mountain.

These two pictures say more about the differences in these two girls than I could ever put into words.  Even with all the differences they are best of friends, and I love that.

Big Sister and I worked on building a fort.

No, she is not being a punk kid with her hair in her face, I snapped her picture as she was just looking up.

Little Sister enjoyed dumping snow out of the bucket.  After a little while of playing in the snow we went and stood in line.

Sweet Daddy pulled Little Sister's tube and still managed to hold her hand ( doesn't in melt your heart when you see a Daddy and his little girl holding hands ).

Big Sister and I had to pull our own tubes in line.

All the waiting and standing was to be able to fly down this on our back sides.

I wish you could feel the joy in my heart as I look at this picture, she looks like such a little girl here instead of the young lady that she is so quickly becoming.

She could not get up and back in line fast enough.

We were happy, tired and hungry when we got into the car, I would say that is the sign of a good day.

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Martha, Martha, Martha

I couldn't believe it when I opened my Feb. issue of Martha Stewart and saw these.

I have been decorating with sentimental objects for years.

When Big Sister was born I made this shadow box.  It has the blanket, booties, and bonnet that she came home from the hospital in.   The photo is one of the first ones  we took of her once she was home. 

 I later added the lock of hair from her first hair cut.  I love having these things all in one place.

When Little Sister came along, I did the same thing for her.

This is the gown my dad and his brother's and sister's came home from the hospital in.  It is also the gown I came home from the hospital in and that I brought both my girls home in.

This lovely was a gift from Sweet Daddy on our honeymoon. 

I have a beautiful collection of costume jewelry that was my Grandmother's.  Some of it is on display and other pieces I still wear.

This pretty little purse was my mother's when she was a girl, each of my girls had their 2 year old pictures made with it.

Every time I walk by one of these it brings back sweet memories.  I was so glad when I saw in Martha that other people appreciate art made out of their sentimental treasures.
Do you decorate with your treasures?

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Two Mistreatments and the Fringe is On

So, I am ready to re-reveal Little Sister's bed. 

I am finally happy with the way it looks.

It took two Mistreatment's, an extra layer on the bed skirt and putting some fringe on to give it more life.

I love the the texture that layers of pillows add to a bed,

and vintage linens add such history to a room.

My parents brought Little Sister this pillowcase from a trip they took to Budapest, Hungary.  Just about every item in this room has a story.

Aren't these lovely, I found them 10 years ago at an antique shop on a vacation in North Georgia.  They are tablecloths and napkins, what a total score to find two sets one in blue and one in pink. I used both sets when my girls shared a room, the tablecloths made great throws at the ends of the beds and I made the napkins into reversible pillows.

I love these pillows and I am so glad they are still being used.

So this is the before, you can see the tablecloth was still being used as a throw.  I have retired the tablecloths from bedroom duty for now, but I am sure I will find a new job for them soon.

Here is the after, more color and texture make such a difference.

I hope to paint some furniture next week and finally be finished in this room.  Thanks for all of your kind words and encouragement throughout this process.

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