Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sentimental Sunday #32, Blog Friendship

Welcome to Sentimental Sunday, my favorite day of the week. The day we all gather together and share what we are sentimental about. It can be anything from an item in your home passed down by a special someone or just a few sweet words about something that has touched your heart this week, the goal is to take a moment and reflect.

This week I want to take a moment and capture the fun that was had last week at Gina's.  The whole week was planned around the fact that Gina, Lisa, and I wanted a better way to connect with other bloggers than large conferences.

We wanted a place that was all about fun and building each other up.

 A place where long lasting relationships were forged.

I think we got just what we wanted.

Not only did our friendships grow but we made some new ones.
I had lots of fun getting to know Leslie, and I know our friendship will continue to grow in the future.

and these stole my heart from the moment I met them.

I knew the trip was a success when even my Hubby was having fun.

I was so honored to meet and work with Polly

So honored in fact that when she stubbed her toe....I was her doctor to the rescue.
If you know me, you know I hate this proves how much I like her.

Are you impressed by my foot-ice-wrapping skills?
I have my Web MD, ha.
I wish I had a picture of Angie and I together, but we will always have hot glue scars to remember each other with.

The greatest thing about this weekend was knowing that I have friends that are just as goofy as me.

So what Sentimental about this week?

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Teenage Girls Dream Room

Good Morning Lovelies!
Today I get to show you the second bedroom that we worked on at Gina's.  This bedroom was for her oldest daughter Lala (nickname).  Just like  when I showed you Bre's room
there was a whole gaggle of us working......
Gina from The Shabby Creek Cottage, duh since it was her house-ha
Polly from Make Mine Beautiful
Deneen from Dreaming in Color stopped in one day to help.

Are you ready?


Isn't it the perfect chic teenage room.
Those awesome yellow shelves were built by Mr. SCC and painted by Leslie.  I love them.

Lala is an artist and wanted a room that reflected her funky, hip, artistic self.

And I think this room definatly does that.

Polly and Lisa made all these pillows, aren't they beautiful.

Mr. SCC and my Hubby built this cabinet, can I just say how nice it is to have men with such talent around.

I found some scraps of fabric from the pillows and made a flower pin to dress up her message board

Gina and I spent the "better" part of the day painting, it was a great time to bond and be silly.
Then Angie and fnished up the doors together and had a chance to get to know one another.
Friendship was truely the best part of trip.

Polly discovered this gem in the shop and drug it out with a plan.
My hubby got busy sanding and painting it, then Polly and I hung it on the wall.
At first the plan was to put pictures on it, but as it went on the wall....
I suddenly had another idea for it

Because doesn't every girl need a place to keep her sparkley pieces on.

Hubby sanding

Here I am back behind a sewing machine.  I got to make the drapes for Lala's room also.  These drapes were just as fun to make as the ruffle drapes were.

We started by making panels.
But what do you do when you can NOT find fabric you love.
you get busy making it of course.

We hand painted random dots onto the fabric for a grown up funky polk-a-dot effect. 

Yes, painting.......

then they would have to hang and dry.

These are what we used to paint the dots.

I hope you enjoyed this room as much as the last one.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Pink Room Reveal With A Ruffled Drape Tutorial

As you lovelies may or may not know, Hubby and I spent the past weekend at The Shabby Creek Cottage (formally The Shabby Chic Cottage...and yes, I have a new blog name also....we will talk more about that later).  We were there to meet up with fellow DIYer's

and to makeover Gina's two girl's rooms.

I am going to reveal her youngest daughter's room.

Lisa and my hubby spent lots of time making this headboard wall beautiful.
You can read more about it on Lisa's blog.

Angie and I made the Message boards, she will tell you all about them.

I had to sneak in the picture of Hubby to prove he was there willing to work with all of us crazy girls.

Gina's hubby and mine built these bookcases around the desk she already had.
It is great for storage and has a special slide out for the dollhouse, Leslie will be talking about it today on her blog.

Polly made this cute stool cover and bunches of fab pillows.
Can I tell you what an honor it was to sit beside her and sew....she is the real deal sewing queen.
You can read all about it on her blog today

So are you asking yourself what I did?
I made the cute flowers for the lamp with the help of Bre (this is her room).

I love how cute they are

And if she gets bored with it as a lampshade she can always use it as a hat, ha.

I also made these fabulous ruffle drapes, it was so much fun to finally use a ruffler attachment on my sewing machine.  Thanks Polly for teaching me how.

And  if she grows tired of them in her room....
wouldn't they make a pretty dress.

Okay, you guys have talked me into it.....I will try to write out a tutorial, ekkk.
Please keep in mind there are no pictures of the process.  I have drawn a picture and will try to talk you through it.  If you have any questions please email me and I will answer them.

How to make a ruffled drape tutorial
1. measure the width of your window and the length from rod to floor
2. add 6 inches to the length so you can sew a pocket for the rod
-you will also need to add to the length if you want a finished hem
-we were going for a frayed look so we left the edges unfinished
and pulled strings
3. fold top of the length over 3 inches, iron and sew a straight stitch to make a pocket for the rod to side into

4. This is the hardest part divide your length in 6 even lengths and add 2 inches to each
-you will cut these lengths from the aqua, pink and extra white fabric this is not part of the fabric panel you just put the pocket in
-you will add 2 inches so that each ruffle hangs over and hides the seam of the one under it.
- for this example I have 6 -10 inch sections, so I cut 6-12inch sections
-again you will add more to this if you are finishing your edges
5. your pieces will need to be at least double your width and possibly more depending on how full you want your ruffle
6. useing your ruffle attachment on your sewing machine gather the width of each of the 6 panels
7. measure and make your spacing for the six panels onto the panel you sewed the pocket on
-for this example it is every 10 inches starting from the bottom
8.starting at the bottom sew your first panel on
I used aqua
9. sew you next ruffle panel 10 inches from the last one and it will overlap 2inches and hide the seam.
10. continue step 9 until the top ruffle panel
11. for the top ruffle panel you want to match your right sides together with the length of the ruffle going toward the pocket you sewed in the beginning,
sew along the same seam that you made for the pocket,
flip the fabric over and you have a finished edge for the top ruffle panel

Repeat for a second drape

I hope this was helpful, if I missed anything email me

Tomorrow I will reveal the other room and then later this week talk more about the "experience", don't worry it was all good.

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sentimental Sunday #31, The Tablecloth

Welcome to Sentimental Sunday, my favorite day of the week.  The day we all gather together and share what we are sentimental about.  It can be anything from an item in you home passed down by a special someone or just a few sweet words about something that has touched your heart this week, the goal is to take a moment and reflect.

This week I want to talk to you about a tablecloth I have made recently as part of my Ten Task in Ten Days challenge.

This pretty tablecloth did not start life in the dinning room, nope it started in our bedroom.
When Hubby and I first got married we each had full size beds, we moved into a two bedroom shack cottage so we thought we were set.  Little did we know that the two of us could not sleep in a full size bed together.  So a week into marriage and we were not only in separate beds but separate rooms.  Hubby's sweet/wise aunt and uncle got wind of this and would not have it.  they had an extra king set of box springs and mattress.  So we went and got them and came home and plopped them on the floor, we were very loft hip-NOT.  But they were perfect for us and happiness was restored.  But a girl has to make things pretty so I set off to find something to put on this big glorious bed.  Keep in mind we were broke young so I was on a very tight budget.  I was so excited when I found a cream colored matelasse at Macy's on sale for next to nothing.  It was the last one, the package was torn and the price and sku had been handwritten onto what was left of the package.  Well you better believe I marched it straight to the check out and brought it to our happy home.  It was beautiful and because it was cream I was able to use all my old pillows.  Fast forward a few years, new house and a kid later and we were ready to buy a bed.  I wanted a queen size because it would fit our space much better (and let's face it in a king you can get lost and never know the other person is there).  So we got the bed, we got the box springs and mattress and we got bedding to fit a queen.  I did not have the heart to send the  matelasse packing so I folded it nicely and shoved it into the dark recesses of our junk closet.  It has gotten pulled out through the year to be used as a make shift tablecloth but I felt like now was the time to give it a real life again, so I cut it up and resewed all the edges and now it is the perfect dinning room tablecloth.  I love that it is a piece that we have had with us since the beginning of our marriage
and I hope it will see us through grand kids and maybe even great grands.

So what are you sentimental out this week?

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Monopoly Birthday Party, sneak peek

I thought I would stop by and show everyone what I am working on this week.
You see my oldest just turned 12 and we are having her party this coming weekend so we are busy, busy, busy.  Being a preteen now, she waned a "cool" party and came up with the idea of a Monopoly Birthday Party. 
Here is a peek at our "cool" Monopoly Birthday Party

Can you see the game pieces, houses and hotels hanging from the chandelier.

I love how they look like they are floating in the air.

The shoe, I love the shoe.....well all shoes.

I covered a lamp shade with money

and made subway art out of all the property names (did you notice it was glittery)

Here is our collection of goodies to give out as people land on each spot.

Sweet little rings for each time someone gets money from CHANCE or COMMUNITY CHEST.

Plastic horse for KENTUCKY AVENUE

Water ballons for WATER WORKS.

Glow sticks for the ELECTRIC COMPANY.

Brush for winning a beauty contest.

Train earsers for each of the RAILROADS.

We still have a few more tricks up our sleeves and I will share more pictures after the party.

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