Monday, September 26, 2011

Did Someone Say Kitchen Aid

Hello Strangers!
I have missed you....each and everyone.
I was hoping to have time to catch up with you today but life is still
Maybe next month I will have time, and by next month I mean in 30 days not at the end of the week when I can flip the page on the calendar, HA.
I am only kidding, kind of.
We spent last week at the beach and it was a beautiful, wonderful time and I have lots to share about it and our (mine and Suzie's) TV experience.  Hopefully by the end of the week, in the mean time I have a cool give away to share with you.

My friend Stacy at

is giving away a 
Kitchen Aid Mixer,
Yep, You Heard Me Correctly!


While you are there
tell her I said HI
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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sentimental Sunday #38, Living Out Your Dream

Welcome to Sentimental Sunday, my favorite day of the week. The day we all gather together and share what we are sentimental about. It can be anything from an item in your home passed down by a special someone or just a few sweet words about something that has touched your heart this week, the goal is to take a moment and reflect.

This week I am sentimental about living out your dreams.
Have you ever been afraid of your dream?  You know the one I am talking about....the one that seems bigger than life.  The dream that most people listen to and then explain how you need a back up plan.  The God sized dream!  This week I got to watch two beautiful people live out their dream, I worked behind the scenes helping on the HGTV pilot for The Lettered Cottage.

I know, if you have been living under a rock and do not know who they are do yourself a favor and go get lost on their blog, right after you finish here of course.

I am so thankful that they were brave enough to go for their dream. Because of their bravery, I got to live out a dream of mine. For years, I have sat in front of the TV and said I can do that while watching HGTV and this week I got to DO THAT. I have never had any desire to be in front of the camera but I love working on projects and have always thought it would be cool to be a part of a show. This week, while living out that dream, I could not help but ponder thoughts about each of us having the courage to live out our dreams and who that would in turn allow to live out theirs. The grandness of it all is mind blowing. I love when you can step back and see Gods hand at work and how he had a plan for this moment years before (who am I kidding forever before) now. Layla even found comfort in this blazer (her Grandfather had one like it, but that is her story to tell) that has been my husbands dream and project for years.

Because of him following his passion and dream he got to be apart of their special day on several levels also. So go follow your dream.

The one BIGGER than you have the courage for, the one that requires faith that can move mountains.
God will meet you there and you will not be sorry.
Who knows you might even get to be as silly as the four of us goofing around.

So what are you sentimental about this week?
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Sit Relax and Read

PS. after what has been a crazy busy week I am taking a one week break from all things electronic, we will catch up next week. Okay?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Horse Bookends

I am so excited to show you our new bookends.  I have know for some time that I wanted something fun to add to our school desk.  I had just never found the perfect thing until I was out junkin' with the family a few weeks ago.  It was the perfect junkin' sunny down on the blazer....more awesome stuff than you could afford ...or had room for.  To be honest we bought so much that we had to go home and empty out the blazer and then go back and pick up the rest.  I knew as soon as I saw the horse bookends sitting on the shelf in a dark dusty basement that they would be mine. 

I scooped them up and rushed to pay for them before anyone else could get their hands on them. As soon as we got home the second time I got busy scrubbing them. Up next I got out my trusty spray paint, a few coats later they were a beautiful glossy white.

They were beautiful but very boring on our white school desk and let's face it this is a school room and needs to be fun.  So I scrapped the vision of them being white and started over.  I went BOLD this time and was a little nervous until I saw the finished product, it was then I knew I was in love.

So what do you think, are they more fun orange???

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Dining Room Shelves

They are done!
Well at least for now, they will be forever changing.  The ability to change is one of the biggest reasons I wanted to add the shelves to the dining room.  The shelves give me the perfect place to show off some heirlooms, store some of my dish collection and most importantly add seasonal change.
Well I have decided that this post is one that needs to be short on words and long on pictures, so I am going to be quiet now and let you enjoy the view.

As you can see I have come a long ways from last weeks start.  If you want to see where I got some of my inspiration check out my Pinterest Dining Room Board. Up next....make a wreath!  I am having a problem finding what I need to make it, fingers crossed I will get it done in the next week or two.  Next week I will be back to tell you about an awesome new product I have discovered and used on some the items on the shelves.....
Any guesses?

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sentimental Sunday #37, Grandparent's Glasses

Welcome to Sentimental Sunday, my favorite day of the week. The day we all gather together and share what we are sentimental about. It can be anything from an item in your home passed down by a special someone or just a few sweet words about something that has touched your heart this week, the goal is to take a moment and reflect.

This Sunday I want to give you a sneak peek at my dining room shelves and show you one of the sentimental items on them.  These two glasses were my grandparents, there last name was Harris and if you look close you can see the pretty H etched onto them.  Both of my grandparents (my mom's parents) past away almost 12 years ago within a month of one another.  My mom is an only child and it was a very hard year for us, but God is good and in His beautiful wisdom He had planned for me to be pregnant and have our first girlie months before they pasted away.  Having a baby around helps heal lots of pain as I am sure many of you can attest to.  When we were going through their home and deciding what to keep and what to pass on as blessings to others I knew I wanted these glasses.  I only kept these two of the very large set because we knew they would not fit into our everyday life.  But just having the two is a great way to keep a piece of their memory.

So what are you sentimental about this?

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Heartfelt Home Shop, week 2

Each week I am going to be highlighting an item from my shop and running a sale on that item for my readers, my way of saying

Thank You

for all the suport you give me.

This week item is a

It is on sale this week for you ladies for

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Here we are at week two of our thrifty fashion show.  If you are new around here My oldest daughter needed an entire fall/winter wardrobe, this got our thrifty wheels to turning.  We gave our selves a budget of $150 and then cut that budget to $100 when we were gifted some awesome clothes from friends.  I am here today to show you some of the outfits she now has, if you missed any part of this challenge you can catch up

This first outfit is one for church
Skirt from week two
Black shirt from week 3
White tee shirt walmart


Outfit number two is perfect for lunch out with friends
Navy sweater from week four
Tan pants from week three
White Tee shirt Walmart

Day at home outfit
Blue shirt week four
Striped shirt week four
Gray yoga pants week three

Game day outfit
Sweatshirt week three
Jeans week three

We are loving the outfits she has found!
And we spent NO money this week, I will be back next week to show you some more.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Adding Shelves to the China Cabinet

For the month of September I want to concentrate on one wall in my dinning room.  This is the wall with the china cabinet on it.  My goal for making this wall a priority is to have my dinning room finished in time for our Thanksgiving feast.  If you remember I started working on this room in the Summer during my Ten Task in Ten Days link party.  I am ready to get it finished.  This wall needs shelves to be hung and painted, wall paint to be touched up, empty frame to be worked on, shelves to be decorated, and a fall wreath to be made.  Oh and the best part shopping....I will need to shop  for some new pretties to add, things like.....
plate racks, platters, and extra dishes.

Here is what the wall looked like to begin with.

We hung shelves using the wooden shelf brackets I bought while Thrifting.
Then this weekend I got busy painting, I love the way they turned out and can't wait to get busy styling them.

I hope to touch up the the wall paint tomorrow and then on to the fun part. 

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Heartfelt Homeschool Memo Board

Hi ladies!  Hope you are having a wonderful Labor Day weekend.  I wanted to pop in quick and show you a project I finished last week.  I made cute memo board with our homeschool logo on it.  We are
The Heartfelt Homeschool

Trust me it did not come looking this cute.  It came from Goodwill for a couple of dollars.
It was dark and missing a hook.

I got busy and painted it cream and found a pattern I liked and printed it off.

Now stick with me because this next step is all high tech.....
I rubbed my pencil over the entire back of the printed paper.

Turned it over and traced the pattern onto my memo board.

I painted the pattern green and in the same way as above I trace Heartfelt onto the board and painted it orange.  At this point I was sick to death of this method and drug out some stickers and placed them on for "the" and "homeschool"

I traced around the stickers

and painted them black. 

Now our school has a sign, it makes us happy.  Plus it is a great place to keep up with some of my sewing notions.

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