Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snow Mountain

Last week was all about family time and was wonderful. Sweet Daddy had the week off and we had fun playing, one of the many things we did was to go to Snow Mountain ( Stone Mountain transformed into a snow play area with tubing).  It was a beautiful day, the temperature was in the mid 50's so no heavy coats where needed.

A close up of the carving on the mountain.

These two pictures say more about the differences in these two girls than I could ever put into words.  Even with all the differences they are best of friends, and I love that.

Big Sister and I worked on building a fort.

No, she is not being a punk kid with her hair in her face, I snapped her picture as she was just looking up.

Little Sister enjoyed dumping snow out of the bucket.  After a little while of playing in the snow we went and stood in line.

Sweet Daddy pulled Little Sister's tube and still managed to hold her hand ( doesn't in melt your heart when you see a Daddy and his little girl holding hands ).

Big Sister and I had to pull our own tubes in line.

All the waiting and standing was to be able to fly down this on our back sides.

I wish you could feel the joy in my heart as I look at this picture, she looks like such a little girl here instead of the young lady that she is so quickly becoming.

She could not get up and back in line fast enough.

We were happy, tired and hungry when we got into the car, I would say that is the sign of a good day.

Cha Cha

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Unknown said...

Looks like lots of FUN!!

Jess B said...

I love it, but I have to say I'm jealous that you aren't all dressed up in winter gear. It would be nice to live where it's warm enough to enjoy the snow without heavy coats and boots!

Jeanette said...

Wonderful images and I know incredible memories!

Mama Thompson said...

How fun is that...glad you all had such a great day!

Ann said...

A winter theme park, now that looks like fun. My family would love it.

welcometomyfrontporch said...

Oh sister, I LOVE your blog. I could spend all day here lurking around. I have been to Stone Mountain once to see a laser/firwork show. That is pretty cool to have a Snow mountain there too.

nest of posies said...

how fun was this!!!
the "sisters" photos against the red backdrop made me think you were at the olympics. cha cha, i think you should get the "Mother of the Year Award" because I know you are the best mom - ever!
i like that you are in these photos too!

maybe next year we might have to do this - looks so fun.

Ms. Bake-it said...

Oh what fun! Now for that, I could endure the cold! It looks like you all had a fabulous day!

~ Tracy

Joyeful said...

Snow much fun!!! Love the pics of the family enjoying each other! And did you design your header? It looks lovely!

Patricia said...


I would love to do that!!!
Something else I want to do is to go to a water park someday!

I have an award for you over at my blog!!!

Many Blessings


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