Sunday, July 22, 2012

God is Great

So it is the middle of the night and I can not sleep, I have done all of the normal things a person would try to sleep but still it will not come. I decided long ago not to ever just lay there fighting to sleep. I get up, I view the time as a gift to spend praying, reading and after that sometimes even cleaning. Just so you know I have started a load of laundry. That makes me sound like a good housewife, right?  Tonight I have spent time praying and could not be satisfied with just that. I have these words that need to come out, they are not great words but the One they are about is great.

In this moment I am compelled to write. To write that You, God, are great and You are. I am in awe of You and all that You have done in my life, the beauty that You have scooped out of the burnt out pile of ash. There is still a heap of ash that we have yet to face....You in your sovereign, loving, greatness and me with my obedient and humble faith. I am at peace tough because I know we will get through it one scoop at a time. I no longer want to hurry things along (well most of the time). I desire each step, I long for the strength and courage it will bring. The exact training to be able to endure the removal of the next scoop. You are so faithful to reveal Yourself to me, to encourage me, to pick me up when I stumble, to trust me again. You bring me to each new phase and show me the strength that was gained during the last. You are great.

God and I have face more battles in the last two years than ever before. But you know what? I am at a place where I can see the value those battles bring to my life. I can see how my faith has grown. I can see the lessons I have learned. Above all I see how God has used my story to help others and to bring glory to His name. Because I continued to choose Him and not the easy way, now His glory is written into my story. He has made beauty from ashes.

I wonder are you in the middle of a battle and just need encouragement from someone who is, for the moment, looking at things from the other side. I can tell you sister it is worth every hour on your knees, every tear that slides down your cheek, and every page turned in your Bible. He has a plan for you, one bigger that you can dream. You have to get ready for it and sometimes growth comes with growing pains. I promise you  those pains will be worth it and you will praise God for them. As you know if you need someone to come along side you in prayer - I would be honored to do so, just send me an email

God Bless,

Sit Relax and Read


Sheri said...

God bless you BIG Cha-Cha. xoxoxo

The Mustard Seed said...

Beautiful and so wise to know that the absence of sleep is often the prompting of the Holy Spirit! So glad I count on you as a prayer warrior on my side!!

The Pennington Point said...

What a beautiful post. I am so blessed to have you by my side on this journey and I am thankful that you got up to share this. It's like a cool drink. Love you, Lisa~


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