Monday, April 7, 2014

Washing Feet

Terror, Panic, and Shock those where just a few of the emotions me and I'm sure my friends where feeling right at that moment. It felt like the air had been sucked out of the room.

Me and three of my friends where sitting around the table doing a Bible study

when out teacher announced that we where going to wash each others feet.

I shall give you a moment to think about that.

I hope y'all (I might have a southern accent ;)) have read John 13:1-17,

if not grab your Bible because that's what this post is on, It's

the story of when Jesus washed His disciples' feet. It all takes place

right before the Passover feast.

Jesus and His disciples where eating when Jesus got up and started to call the disciple's

over and was washing their feet.

Can you believe that?!?!

I had a hard time letting my friend wash my feet, so could you ever in your wildest dreams imagine,

Jesus, the King of Kings, Heavenly Father, Elohim, All Powerful, Sovereign God, washing your feet?

The man who was born through a virgin mother and came to

die on the cross for you!

When you are washing someone's feet you are humbling yourself a great deal.

As well as being extremely obedient, because I promise you that none of us wake up in the morning saying "Wow I really want to wash peoples feet today."

And who can say if a stranger walked up to you and said "I'm going to wash your feet."

would be completely comfortable.

Well that's kinds how Simon Peter, one of Jesus' disciples felt.

John 13:6-10

New International Version (NIV)

6 He came to Simon Peter, who said to him, “Lord, are you going to wash my feet?”

7 Jesus replied, “You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand.”

8 “No,” said Peter, “you shall never wash my feet.”

Jesus answered, “Unless I wash you, you have no part with me.”

9 “Then, Lord,” Simon Peter replied, “not just my feet but my hands and my head as well!”

10 Jesus answered, “Those who have had a bath need only to wash their feet; their whole body is clean. And you are clean, though not every one of you.”

You see it wasn't really that their literal feet where dirty (though I'm sure they where)
it was a symbol. Jesus wouldn't wash all of Simon Peter because he had already done that

through Simon Peters baptism. 

If you have already been saved and you tell a lie you don't get saved again,no.

You just ask for forgiveness, when He forgives you He has just washed your feet.

You might be thinking what is me washing somebodies feet going to accomplish?

It shows humility, obedience, and a bunch of love.

While we were washing each others feet we prayed for each other. I didn't cry while I was washing her feet, but I continued that prayer in my room that night in my room and I can promise you I cried.

We used sugar scrub on each others feet and now any time I use sugar scrub I will always

remember when me and my friends washed feet.

Sister in Christ,


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SheilaG @ Plum Doodles said...

What a beautiful story, Audrey. I have been part of a foot washing before, and yes, it is humbling- both to wash and be washed. I had never thought of Jesus' forgiveness as a foot washing- that is a beautiful picture, one I will now always remember. Thank you for sharing that insight.


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