Monday, May 12, 2014

Redeemed Ware


Today, I am excited to show you all what I have been working on lately.  Truth be told this has been over 14 years in the making but what can I say….I am s-l-o-w!  It all started when I was in the hospital during my first pregnancy and my mother brought me a something from the hospital gift shop.  It was a key chain made out of vintage silverware.  I fell in love with it immediately!  A little later I wanted to give a key chain like it as a gift and could not find one anywhere.  I sweet talked my dad and husband into learning how to make them for me.  I would buy the silverware and they would cut and shaped them.  The key chains have been one of my favorite gifts to give for years.  Then I started collecting silver pieces because I loved them and soon have a very large collection and wondered what I could do with it all.  One day while out shopping I saw some hand stamped jewelry and thought man I could do that to my silver pieces.   I rushed out and bought metal stamps and then life happened and I did nothing.  There might have been some fear mixed in with that life too, what if no one liked what I did! Then as only God can do, He placed someone in my path to ask for that exact thing!  A friend wanted hand stamped silverware to give as a gift and she asked me if I would do it.  I said yes and

Redeemed WARE

was born!

It has been my favorite product lines to develop. FOR YEARS, I shopped for that useless, unlovable thing and dreaming of how it can be changed and become a thing of great beauty and value. It reminds me every time of my salvation.
Without redemption through the blood of Jesus Christ I would be unlovable and useless but because of it

I am a daughter of the King

My desire is that each time you pick up a piece of Redeemed Ware you will know that you too have great value!

Here are a few pieces from the shop.

Amazing_grace_1amazing_grace_2 (2)big_spoon_22coffee_time (1)grace_6 (1)hey_sugar_1set_32


tea_timejoy_1 (1)

Of course my eBook is still available in the shop




There are still Bible Memory Verse Pillows




Marriage Pillows


and Between You and Me Notebooks


Thank you all for your support through the years!  You are truly a blessing to me!




Heidi @ Decor & More said...

I am so proud and excited for you, Charity! God has blessed you with abundant creativity that can bless others in turn... How precious is that? Love you, girl, and cheering you on -- would love to feature you in a blog post soon.
Xo Heidi

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