Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Blog Birthday

My friend Tara at Between You & Me
is celebrating her 1 year blog birthday.

You know how when you visit a some blogs for the first time you just feel at home?
That is what happened to me when I first went to Tara's blog-
She is a woman of God and has a beautiful way of revealing how she lives it out in day to day life.
She has amazing taste and a beautiful home.
She homeschools her kids and is open about what does and does not work for them.
She post her weekly menu and I always leave hungry.
She is the type of woman who makes you feel welcome.

Will you please join me in going and telling her Happy Blog Birthday

If you leave a comment on her blog you could win one of these beautiful Family Rules Signs that she is making.


Gail said...

Happy Blog Birthday- marking milestones is a good idea in reviewing how much has happened while fomenting future ideas.
Like your sign.

Between You and Me said...

thank you cha-cha!

your words touched my heart this morning and my heart needed to be touched. :)


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