Friday, November 12, 2010

Best Idea Ever

Have you ever been so moved by an idea that you can't wait for it to happen?

Well that is what happened to me this morning as I sat at my computer, early--way early, unable to sleep.

I was getting ready to write a new post for this weekend when I accidentally scrolled down,

I am so happy I scrolled down because when I did I found where Christy from

Had linked up her friend Mary's Thanksgiving tablecloth.

This tablecloth for me is what Sentimental Sunday is all about.

The short version is that she has a king size sheet that she uses every year at Thanksgiving and everyone who is there signs it later she goes over their writing with embroidery thread.

Melt my heart

Please go and read the full post and let Mary and Christy know how much you love it,

I know you will love it,

then come back and tell me if you are crying and heading to the store to buy a king size sheet, I am.

Sit Relax and Read

1 comment:

SkiTwo said...

that is a really great idea. Thanks for sharing it!


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