Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I am Thankful

As Thanksgiving draws near.

I wanted my girls to do a craft project on being thankful.

We took a different approach

and decided we are most thankful for God

and who He is.

So, our project is based on the attributes of God.

We started with a clear vase and some milk glass pieces we had,

filled with acorns from our yard and apples.

Next we found some sticks from our yard and put them in the vase.

We traced and cut out leaves from scrapbook paper.

Looked up verses from the Bible for attributes that started with each letter of THANKFUL.

Wrote them on our leaves

and tied the leaves to the sticks.

Ta Da, Thanksgiving center piece.

My friend Debra wants you to know you could just cut the center out of a paper plate and staple the leaves on, if you are not crazy like me, wait did I mention I spray painted the sticks--like I said crazy like me.

Hope you are Thankful today.

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Katherine said...

Lovely! I love doing crafts with the kids-they get so excited! I really like how you thought to start each verse with a letter of 'thankful'. BTW, you are not the only crazy one-I spraypainted sticks last month for a Halloween display!

nest of posies said...


this is wonderful in every way. the words, the scripture, the thankfulness. plus it looks beautiful!

all graham says he is thankful for his pancakes & his new shoes. ;) perhaps next year we will do something like this & maybe i'll get a little more variety.

have a super week.


Unknown said...

What a wonderful project to do with your children! It's a great way to teach them to think about all that God has given them and done for them. Very neat!!


The Pennington Point said...

It's wonderful!

I love doing things with the kids that bring the attention back to God. I love that you've used their handwriting. It's just great.


Helena said...

This is so sweet. I love projects like this. Someday when I have kids, we will do this, too :)

Becky said...

I love your idea! We will do this..sstarting tomorrow morning!

Thank you for encouraging us to set your eyes o the Author of our faith.

Under His shadow,

kate said...

great idea! i love it!

Lei said...

So pretty! I made a full sized one for my front door area last year, I love the idea of using it as a centerpiece too!!!

Christine said...

This is a nice reminder of something we use to do when the kids were little. I guess my kids don't need to be little to do this still and I think you have inspired me to get it up and running again. I love your posts here...thank you for sharing.

Jenny @ Simcoe Street said...

Very cute!

jeana said...

This is a really great idea!


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