Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Camping is Good for the Soul

When I see this sign I breath easier, because I know that my days are suddenly going to become much slower.

The air I breath sweeter

My time will be more meaningful

Because I am here to celebrate

to celebrate my dad's birthday and just to celebrate family and life.

We will spend may hours together staring into a fire and reflecting on life.

Fishing poles will be used with skill that has been learned over the years.

This trip no fish will be caught.

God's glory will be talked of often.

The weight of the world will be lifted.

Then crazy fools will do what they do best,

Be foolish.
Don't get me wrong I have taken my turn down this same rock slide

but it was during the Summer when it was 80 or 90 degrees outside

Not in October when it was maybe 70 degrees

and did I mention the water is close to freezing
I mean really close to freezing

And my little one being who she is, she had to do it alone

Doing it with someone was not good enough

She was ready to go back to camp after this


even more AWWWWWW,

The big guy loves his little lap dog, and her pink blanket

Did I mention smores,

Smores are a BIG part of camping

BTW, the leaves change colors while we were there,
it was so exciting to wake up each morning to see what had changed.

Camping is good for the soul,

Cha Cha


Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures and sentiments!

Kalleen at Second Street said...

Camping is good for the soul. I love your pictures. It's nice to have you back.

The Pennington Point said...

Oh my goodness. That slide and swim looks horrible! My husband would never, in a million years, do that. He won't even swim at our house if the water is the teensiest bit cool. LOL! But the s'mores look yummy and the family togetherness looks perfect! Lisa~

nest of posies said...

wow! i would love to be in that water. i don't like ice cold water, but i am a water girl. looks like a wonderful place. how awesome to be around a campfire with a blanket. love that smell. those smores...mmmm.mmmm.mmmm.!!!

missed you!


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