Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Clayton, GA Here We Come

Each year my family makes a trip to the mountains of north east Georgia

to a small town call Clayton.

It is pretty much every thing a small town should be.

Beautiful old homes

Lots of churches

Unique stores, this one has been my favorite for years.

I stand at the window and drool

Sometimes I even have the nerve to go in.

These appliances are works of art.

They have row after row of old ones just waiting for someone to choose them and let the artist start working on them.

If I had plenty of extra money this mint green one would live in my kitchen.

Truth be told, I would take any one of them, even this unfinished beauty.

Next comes the part of a small town that can make you laugh.

Do you see that screen door on the top level porch.
It has been like that with no stairs leading out of it since I was a kid.
It has made me want to pull over and ask why for just a many years.
Each year I drive by I stop to see if they have ever added steps.
I guess we all have unfinished projects.
BTW, my hubby wants to know if they are ever going to do anything with the old truck.
Maybe one day we will stop and ask.

Up next, the sweet cabin in the woods with the clothes drying on the line.
Perfect country life, right.
Until you know that it is staged and those same undies and bra hang there everyday.

This just makes me laugh, I think the owners and I could be good friends.
Our warped sense of humors would get along great.

Welcome to small town America, this is the America I love.

Cha Cha


Deidre said...

I live just 20 minutes from Clayton across the NC line in Franklin, NC. You should definitely take the trip to Franklin to see what's going on. You could even venture a little further and check out Sylva and Bryson City on US 74.

If you happen to go to Bryson City, you should check out the store where I work Saturdays: Humanite'. Here is her blog so you can get a sneak peak:

Civil Folks said...

Cha Cha,

Love the post. Clayton is one of our favorite places, too. We just enjoy riding through the countryside and seeing the 'natural' beauty and the way folks live each day.

Thanks for sharing this post. I think I hear Dillard's Dinner Bell!

Pamela and Frank

Millie said...

I loved those photos! It reminded me of our many trips to Florida from here in Manitoba, usually in October or April. We would accompany my parents who wintered in Florida. We always enjoyed Georgia, and I remember Clayton. I liked shopping at the Pottery in Commerce too. On the way we also enjoyed the fall color in the Smoky Mountains. Thanks for bringing those memories to mind.

nest of posies said...

oh i love it!

i would love to have one of those stoves in my home one day. so fun. your photos are wonderful. love the church one with the 2 wreaths on the door. simply lovely!

thanks for taking us with you on your trip!



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