Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Okay, I haven't touched that pile of laundry yet.

Does that freak you out, it does me, but I worked all day today and have just now at 8:00 pm stopped.

So guess what I will be doing tomorrow?

But before I get to the laundry and all the camping pictures, I thought I should finish showing the pictures

 from our Florida trip.

Getting our toes wet at Coco Beach

Play time at the park.

And crazy me doing the monkey bars.

This has gotten much harder than I remember.

It is okay, you can laugh, I know I look funny.
I am nothing if not graceful.

Hey, where was he when I was going across.

Is it just me or does Spanish moss make you happy?

And finally, the Beautiful Wekiva Springs State Park

The water is so clear, just beautiful.

Hey, has anyone noticed that new little button on the right side of my blog.  I am so excited about it and will share all the info. sometime tomorrow so be sure to check back.
I have several post to do tomorrow in an effort to catch up, so I will see you then.

Cha Cha


Laurie at Turner Farm said...

Wonderful photos and how cute are you! They are harder now aren't they! Too funny! You have a beautiful family ~Blessings~

Jane said...

I love your courage in attempting the monkey bars! LOL. I dare anyone to look "graceful" going across playground equipment! Beautiful photos of what appears to be a family trip chocked full of memories. Thank you so much for sharing them with your readers!


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