Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sentimental Sunday #3

My kitchen table is one of my favorite pieces of furniture in my house.  It was a gift from my dad to my mom bought when I was a girl (less than 8).  I remember walking around the show room as each of the details were selected.  It fits perfectly in the bay window area.  This table has held more of my meals than I care to count.  It caught my spills while I was in my klutzy preteen years (who am I kidding I am still in my klutzy years). And it was at this table that I sat one summer night and prayed and asked my Savior into my heart.  This table represents my past and my future.  I am thankful to have it.

I love it when my decorating can be more than pretty, it can be meaningful
                                                                     Use What You Love

I would love to hear how you decorate with what you love. Just grab the Sentimental Sunday button off my                                                         sidebar and link up your stories

Sit Relax and Read

Sit Relax and Read


Lindy said...

Thanks so much for hosting! This is my first visit. I'm following!

nest of posies said...

cha cha,

what a beautiful post!

i should say, a piece of furniture where you asked jesus into your heart qualifies as one of the highest sentimental pieces in your home. how wonderful!!!!

love love love this post. beautiful.

have a wonderful weekend. sorry i don't have anything this week. so crazy these last few days & my house proves it too. ugh.

chat soon.

Kat said...

Cha Cha, one of these days, you and I are going to have to meet. You are darling! I love this post, that table is gorgeous and I love all it represents in your heart.

Millie said...

The table is lovely, and probably priceless to uou because of the memories.

Mandy @ No Place Like Home said...

I love this, Cha Cha.
Anything that can evoke those kinds of memories are truly special.

Michele said...

This is so special and so are you! I couldn't agree more that decorating should be more than just about beauty. It should have meaning. Thanks for allowing us to link up and share!

Michele said...

Hey Cha Cha! I just updated my post about the family grocery store. I was finally able to get my photos to upload to the post. Check it out if you have time :)

Michele said...

It's me again. This is my third comment on this post! I added an email to my blog. You can reach me at Look forward to keeping in touch.


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