Monday, October 11, 2010

Have you ever wondered what 6 days of camping laundry looks like?

Here is a hint!!!!

Did I mention that it is dirty, smelly, gross laundry.

As soon as I dig my way out of this mountain, I'll share more.

Cha Cha


Between You and Me said...

but I bet you had fun on the trip!

Have fun doing laundry!

Laura said...

Oh man, that's everyday at my house! That's why it's not just laundry, it's DREAD laundry! Hope you had lot's of fun!!

Opie Dawn said...

Now that's some laundry! Hope you had a great trip.

nest of posies said...

i've have missed ya!

hope you ate a mountain load of smores to go along with your mountain load of laundry.

hey, it's lookin like maybe friday for the fair. - 90% sure. do you have anything going on for friday? i'll confirm in a few days.


Casey said...

That's too much for camping - you should only have one set of clothes for the week plus an emergency set in case those get wet. :) Glad yall are back and I'll talk to you soon.


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