Saturday, October 1, 2011

31 Days To A Heartfelt Home, Day 1

Good Morning!
I am so glad to get this day and this month started.  A few months ago when I first started feeling that I wanted to start changing the direction of my blog (you can read more about it here) I knew it would be a slow process and that I would be changing as well.  The biggest change was happening in my heart and what I wanted it to be invested in.  Thus the name change for the blog to The Heartfelt Home.  I want this blog to be an overflow of the things in my heart and how I approach them.  My goal is to approach all things from a simple, intentional or sentimental thought process.  During the next 31 days I am going to blog about ways to have a heartfelt home.Do not think I have it all figured out, many of the things I will be writing about I will just be starting.  But they are things that I feel are important to the lifestyle we as a family desire to have.
A lifestyle that will allow us to be content, full and overflowing to others.

Each day of the week I plan to write on a different subject that is important to having a heartfelt home.

Sunday's will be Sentimental
(Sentimental Sunday link party will still be happening)

Monday's will be about God

Tuesday's will be about Marriage

Wednesdays will be about Kids

Thursday's will be about Friendship

Friday's will be about Learning

Saturday's will be about Others

I hope you will join me in becoming more simple, intentional and sentimental.

The first place I plan to start today is with prayer.  A prayer to be teachable and to be open and prepared for change.

God is going to move BIG.

Sit Relax and Read

I am writing for the next 31 Days with many others,
be sure to see what they are writing about.

To follow along with the rest of the series just click on each day


trump said...

I was just passing through and thought id stop and say hello. Have a very nice weekend everyone. Richard from the Amish community of Pennsylvania.

Rachel said...

ChaCha!!! I am so excited about the plans for your blog! I am in such a funk with mine and I can feel the spark of inspiration. So looking forward to reading! :)

ohAmanda said...

Can't wait to read it ChaCha!


The Pennington Point said...

Cha Cha! It's so good to hear your voice again. I am really looking forward to the next 31 days with YOU! Lisa~

Tra La La Boom De Ay said...

looking forward with you!

The Mustard Seed said...

I'm six days late but I will be catching up and keeping up. So excited about it!!

Christine said...

I have always enjoyed your blogs. Isn't this our journey...changing daily to become more like him? The harder I lean into Him the more like Him I become...I pray.
Love it. Hugs and happy week end wanderings.


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