Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sentimental Sunday

Sit Relax and Read

So have you noticed my pretty new button on my side bar.

I am so excited to tell you about it.

As many of you know I am a big softy and love all things sentimental.

So starting this Sunday

I will be hosting a Sentimental link party.

My hope is it will give us a chance to show off the things we decorate with that are meaningful to us in our homes.

One of the things I have notice since starting to blog is that there seems to be an importance on the latest trend, the great deal, and the amazing makeover.  But my question in all of this is are you decorating with the things that matter to you.  Will you care if you only paid $45 for something if next year you hate it, would it have been money better spent if you saved and bought the thing that you really loved the thing that your children will one day want.  Or would it have made more sense to use your grandmothers table even though it wasn't the "in" thing at the time, it will always be special no matter what the trend.
Please don't get me wrong, I love restyling my home to reflect some of the latest trends, I get giddy when I score a good deal, and I have dreams about making things over. 
 What I am asking us to do is put equal importance on the things of SENTIMENTAL value in our homes.

It doesn't have to be a great deal, it does have to be made over and it doesn't even have to be perfect but it should be meaningful.

So on this Sunday I am asking you to link up a post about something in your home that you decorate with that is meaningful.

Share the stories behind the piece.

Will you be Sentimental on Sunday with me.

My plan is to host a party each Sunday
so if you can't make it this week mark your calendars for the following week


nest of posies said...

you are something else coming up with this wonderful idea.

don't you know this past week i was at my mother's sewing machine - and thinking of everything that was made for me on that machine. my craft room is a mess. it's not even a pretty mess, but all day yesterday in that mess i was remembering so many childhood memories hearing that sewing machine humming along, playing in the mess of fabric everywhere & threads on the floor. i took a picture of MY mess & thought about posting it later this week. just to document my memories.

well, now...i will for sure (i may take a pic of it a little cleaner) but i can't get over how much we think alike, cha cha!

i think this is a wonderful idea!

i also, couldn't agree with you more about decorating. i love NEW projects, but i rather spend more $ to invest in a project so it will be around for years to come. i rarely do projects that are just for one time use. and as you know, i love sentimental things, like you!

i'll be here with bells on sunday! i'll do a post about it too - after the silhouette link has ended.

wonderful idea!


i posted your button!

Jane said...

What a lovely idea! I am your newest follower, steered here by This Blessed Nest. And am delighted to find such a meaningful link-up. Working on my contribution right now! Thank you for hosting!


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